Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well crap.

So we haven't been quite diligent enough updating this deal. Here's the skinny:

The record has been finished. And it sounds pretty darn good (if we do say so). We're looking to find a home for it, and a good time to release it.

We played some shows with some good bands that you should know. Cowboy Indian Bear, Cursive, Pharmacy Spirits, Fortnight, Down with the Ship and Blue Bird. Seriously, find them. You shan't be disappointed.

And finally, we will be opening for the New Pornographers next Thursday at the Waiting Room. Couldn't be more excited for a show than this one. Again, seriously. Such a great band to share the night with.

Phew. We're going to try and stay on top of this blog. Don't hate.

the So-So Sailors

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